The Power of Game Aggregation

One of the key factors to staying competitive as a successful online casino is offering a diverse and engaging gaming portfolio.

One of the key factors to staying competitive as a successful online casino is offering a diverse and engaging gaming portfolio. This is where game aggregation plays a crucial role. In this article, we will explore the benefits of game aggregation for online casino businesses and how Relum's comprehensive product offering positions us as a reliable partner in the game aggregation space.


The Benefits of Game Aggregation for Online Casino Businesses.

  1. Access to more games.  
    Game aggregation allows online casinos to access a vast range of games from multiple providers with a single integration. This results in a diverse and engaging gaming portfolio that caters to the preferences of different player demographics.
  1. Time and resource efficiency.
    Integrating games individually from multiple providers can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Game aggregation streamlines this process, enabling online casinos to quickly and easily expand their gaming offerings without the need for separate integrations with each provider.
  1. Cost-effective solution.  
    By working with a game aggregator like Relum, online casinos can reduce the costs associated with multiple integrations and maintenance of separate connections with game providers. This allows businesses to allocate resources more effectively and focus on other aspects of their operation.
  1. Enhanced player retention.
    Offering a wide variety of games from multiple providers ensures that players remain engaged and entertained, leading to increased player loyalty and retention. A comprehensive gaming portfolio also attracts new players, contributing to the growth of the online casino.
  1. Access to innovative engagement tools.  
    In most cases, game aggregators not only provide access to their portfolio of games but also offer advanced engagement tools. These tools help online casinos increase player retention and drive revenue. We will elaborate on the list of Relum's engagement tools further in the article.


Why Choose Relum as a Partner in Game Aggregation?

  1. Extensive gaming portfolio.  
    With over 14,000 games and 180 providers, Relum is one of the largest game aggregators on the market. Our extensive portfolio ensures that online casinos can provide a diverse and engaging gaming experience for their players.
  1. Single API integration.
    Relum's single API integration simplifies the process of incorporating new games into an online casino's platform. This hassle-free integration saves time and resources while allowing casinos to continuously expand their gaming offerings.
  1. Advanced engagement tools.
    Relum's comprehensive set of engagement tools, including (but not limited to) Jackpot, Free Round Tool, and Tournament, help increase player retention and revenue. These tools provide a remarkable gaming experience and enable online casinos to create customized promotions and campaigns to target specific player segments.
  1. Expert support and collaboration.
    Relum's dedicated team of professionals works closely with businesses in the iGaming industry to understand their needs and develop customized solutions that meet their requirements.  
  1. Data-driven decision-making.  
    Relum's advanced reporting tools allow online casinos to make informed, data-driven decisions. Our user-friendly back office provides valuable insights into game and player management, financial analysis, and engagement tool performance evaluation.

One Contract for All You Need

A key advantage of partnering with Relum for game aggregation is the convenience of a one-contract solution. By signing a single agreement with Relum, online casino businesses can gain access to over 14,000 top-quality games from over 180 providers. This eliminates the need for negotiating and managing multiple contracts, reducing administrative burdens and streamlining the integration process. With Relum's one-contract solution, online casinos can focus on delivering an exceptional gaming experience to their players while enjoying the benefits of a diverse and comprehensive game portfolio.  

Relum's comprehensive product offering, commitment to innovation and customer support make us a reliable partner in the game aggregation space. By partnering with Relum, online casinos can capitalize on the benefits of game aggregation and drive their business success in the rapidly evolving iGaming market.  

The Story of Pure Success begins with Relum’s Game Aggregation!