Drive your business success and increase player engagement with the jackpot tool.


Relum Jackpot Features

Jackpot campaigns management at your fingertips. Guarantee player satisfaction by creating jackpots from across our entire portfolio of over 20,000 games and all our content partners.

Local and network jackpot

Engage players on your own or join forces with other operators. The bigger the jackpot the more active the players.

Multi-level jackpot

A multi-tiered jackpot reward system that is distributed among multiple winners can be managed using the multi-level jackpot settings. Each tier can have its own distinct rules and parameters that are tailored to your needs.

Jackpot Widget

We make it easy for players to follow their progress in jackpot campaigns by providing a visually appealing and customizable widget. Jackpot widgets are installed on your website as plugins with no fuss - no coding required!

Single and community winning options

The pot distribution can be adjusted to various numbers of winners. Share the joy of victory with more of your players!

Boost your revenue with our Jackpot tool

Maximize your marketing potential and improve player retention. Create, update and track jackpots simply from Relum's back office. Relum makes the difficult simple for you to unleash your opportunities.

Ready-use widget 

Enjoy the flexibility of the highly customizable widget tool designed in line with the latest UX trends. Keep players informed 24/7!

Increase player LTV 

The lifetime value of players is one of the key metrics that have a direct influence on long-term revenue. The Story of Pure Success is a long-lasting one with Relum!

All Major Providers In One Place

This superhero team of game providers is here for you to help with a wide range of games to satisfy everyone.

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