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Features To Help Your Revenue Grow

Equip your online casino with our innovative products that come in a pack or separately.
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Single API Integration

Game Aggregation

One API integration to bring them all. Get access to 14K+ games from major content providers. No need to code on your own. Our Operations Management team will make sure all the games you integrate work flawlessly on your website.

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Up-to-date game portfolio
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Bespoke integration
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Multi-currency support
Keep Players Engaged

Free Round Tool

Maximize your player engagement and retention with the help of Relum's Free Round promo tool. Provide free round, spin or bonus for your players to enjoy the playing experience without spending real money. Boost player loyalty and engagement in any game at any time.

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Easily configurable through your own or the Relum back office
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Assign free rounds flexibly to any player
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Engage your single or segmented players with Free Round Tool
Jackpot Campaigns Management at Your Fingertips


We make it easy for players to follow their progress in jackpot campaigns by providing a visually appealing and customizable widget. Jackpot widgets are installed on your website as plugins - no coding required! Relum makes the difficult simple for you.

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Local and network jackpot
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Single and community winning options
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Full freedom of game and provider selection
Never Give up on a Challenge


Increase your player engagement with well-built challenges, achievements and leaderboards. Create tournaments and reward loyal players with various types of prizes. Get insights on your campaigns through real-time reports to react swiftly and maximize opportunities.

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Local and network tournaments ​
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Flexible prize pool distribution
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Player segmentation for more targeted campaigns
Data-Driven Approach


Get your reports the way you like them - informative, quick and well-ordered. Only get the info you need with our multi-search custom reports. Analyze and gain insight into whatever you need to know.

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Real-time dashboards
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User-friendly interface
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Advanced multi-vertical reports (by Game, by Partner, by Provider)

Relum in numbers

Monthly bets
Content providers
14 000+
Available games
Active partners
Amazing team members

All Major Providers In One Place

This superhero team of game providers is here for you to help with a wide range of games to satisfy everyone.

Our Advantages


All the right tools in all the right places. Once integrated, Relum's products will keep getting regular updates.

Integration Process

Relum will carefully tailor the offered services to your needs. Any promo tool can be either managed via Relum's back office or fully integrated into your back office.

Multi-Currency Support

Relum supports all ISO currencies and grants the opportunity to use our conversion tool with all these currencies.

Focus on Engagement

Gain full access to a wide variety of engagement tools available from providers to drive your business success.


Cryptocurrency support will help your players stay dynamic whatever means of payment they prefer.

User-Friendly Widgets

Relum makes the difficult simple.
The widgets are visually appealing and can be easily customized.

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