Free Round Tool

Improve your player activation and retention by implementing the Free Round Tool

Free Round Tool

Relum Free Round Tool

Keep your players happy and engaged.

Easily configurable through your own or the Relum back office

Entertain your players by offering over 20,000 games by major industry providers.

Single Back Office

Quickly create and manage bonuses via one simple admin screen. Boost player loyalty and engagement in any game at any time.

Assign free rounds flexibly to any player

Easily and simultaneously assign free spins or bonus amounts to multiple games from our suite of premier game providers via our simple interface.

Engage your single or segmented players with Free Round Tool

Provide free round, spin or bonus for your players to enjoy the playing experience without spending real money.

Targeted Promotions

Our platform marketing features allow operators to target specific players or groups of players to benefit from dedicated promotions.

Engage Players

Manage promotions across selected games for targeted groups of players

Promote Games

A valuable tool to promote new games or providers on the platform and reward loyal players.

All Major Providers In One Place

This superhero team of game providers is here for you to help with a wide range of games to satisfy everyone.

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