Comprehensive multi-product reporting tools providing in-depth insight and analysis


Relum Reporting Tool

Analyze your business performance efficiently at any time.

Real-time dashboards

Gain real-time insights and make informed decisions with our state-of-the-art reporting dashboards.

User-friendly interface

Choose the report type you wish to explore and use our filters to precisely drill down to the level of detail you require.

Collaborate securely

Sharing information is simple. Generate the required report and easily export to chosen users only.

Advanced multi-vertical reports (by Game, by Partner, by Provider)

Use our comprehensive reporting tools to enable data-led decisions across the business.

Track. Learn. Transform. Repeat.

Make your casino engine powerful by continuous development that’s based on financial, strategic, and user data.


Optimize the Relum platform functionality to create sustainable business success


Aggregate and process data based on selected criteria. Transform data into useful information.

All Major Providers In One Place

This superhero team of game providers is here for you to help with a wide range of games to satisfy everyone.

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