For those who never give up on a challenge. ​


Relum Tournament Tool

Give your players the thrill of competition and a chance to win big! ​ Increase player engagement with well-built challenges, achievements and leaderboards.

Local and network tournaments ​

Relum's tool offers the opportunity to engage players with either single or network tournaments. As the prize pool grows larger, players become more active and motivated to participate.

Risk prevention features

Our tool prevents points overlap in concurrent tournaments, ensuring fair and equal competition for all players. The leaderboard is updated based on the strict points accumulation formula.

Flexible prize pool distribution

Customize the distribution of prizes in your tournaments and create a balanced prize pool that accurately reflects the competition and provides a fair and exciting experience for everyone involved.

Player segmentation for more targeted campaigns

The feature allows for player segmentation, enabling operators to create more targeted tournament campaigns. Create personalized experiences and offer rewards that are more appealing to each player, increasing their engagement and satisfaction.

Let Players Compete

Encourage the competitive spirit of your players with one of our top-of-the-line gamification tools.

Multi prize options for a successful promo campaign ​

Let your players compete for money, physical goods or free spins. This feature helps you diversify your tournaments and keep your players interested.

Full visual and content management

Players can track their progress through constantly updated leaderboards while participating in tournaments. Get insights on your campaigns through real-time reports to react swiftly and maximize opportunities.

All Major Providers In One Place

This superhero team of game providers is here for you to help with a wide range of games to satisfy everyone.

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