Relum's First Year: Celebrating Milestones and Looking Forward

The Story of Pure Success will continue! The first chapter is done.

We are happy to have marked the first anniversary of our company. Relum was born to write the story of pure success. Our founders believed in creating a holistic set of solutions that tackled the challenges of iGaming operators, providing a dynamic platform rich with possibilities. From day one, Relum has been committed to delivering innovative technology backed by exceptional service, equipping operators with the tools they need to scale their businesses and achieve success.  

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we reflect on a year filled with noteworthy achievements. Great results are achieved thanks to the dedication, hard work, and creativity of the Relum team. And we will stay true to our commitment to helping our partners create exceptional gaming experiences and driving the industry forward.  

A Year of Innovations and Triumphs

Relum’s journey began with the launch of our comprehensive Game Aggregation platform, a testament to our commitment to provide scalable and customizable solutions to our partners. This dynamic platform, which facilitates access to over 14,000 games from more than 180 providers, is a blend of power and convenience, enabling operators to supercharge their business growth.

The introduction of our Promotional Tools - the Jackpot, Tournament, and Free Round tools - marked a significant milestone in our journey. These tools have since played a crucial role in enhancing player engagement and retention, driving up the number of active players and increasing the frequency of spins. The tools have not only redefined the gaming experience but have also bolstered the profitability of our operator partners.

Our Reporting Tools, a crucial part of our portfolio, have helped operators assess their financials, evaluate tool performance, and manage games effectively. The reporting opportunities we provide help operators come up with the right business direction based on insightful data and statistics.  

Collaborations with renowned game providers have enabled us to curate a diverse selection of games, satisfying the varied tastes of gamers.

Each of these accomplishments represents a specific aspect of Relum's innovative spirit and unwavering dedication to progress. They are the cornerstones of our growth. But more importantly, we're inspired to continue this journey of innovation and success, empowered by our commitment to our clients.

Cultivating Talent and Nurturing Growth

The rapid growth and success of Relum over the past year has been powered by our most valuable asset: our team. Our family has grown significantly, with talented individuals joining us from diverse backgrounds.

One of our key focus areas has been nurturing our core teams, such as the customer success team, whose relentless dedication to helping our partners leverage our tools and achieve their goals has played an integral role in our success story.  

Looking Back, Moving Forward

As we close the chapter on our exciting first year, we reiterate our commitment to our vision: to continue providing innovative solutions that reshape the iGaming landscape. We owe our remarkable journey to our cherished partners and customers, who have shown unwavering trust and support in our abilities. You've turned challenges into opportunities, ideas into realities, and made every day at Relum an adventure.  

We're confident we'll see another year of growth, innovation, and shared success. Here's to Relum!