Jackpot Tool to Power Up Your Success

Relum's Jackpot tool is a powerful addition to any online casino's arsenal.

Relum's Jackpot tool is a powerful addition to any online casino's arsenal. With this solution, operators can easily manage jackpot campaigns, ensuring player satisfaction and engagement. The tool offers both local and network jackpots, as well as multi-level jackpots, giving operators the flexibility to create exciting promotions that fit their specific needs.

The Jackpot Widget allows displaying jackpot information directly on operators' websites, creating an immersive and engaging experience for players. It's fully customizable and gets real-time updates on the Jackpot size. Relum's Jackpot tool also offers both single and community winning options, allowing players to win big either individually or as part of a group. This option is completely customizable too, so partners can choose how many winners there will be and the way the pot will be distributed between them.

By leveraging Relum's extensive portfolio of over 14,000 games from the industry's best content providers, operators can create a jackpot experience that truly stands out. Jackpots can be created across all games and all providers with no limitations. With the striking ability to attract new players and retain existing ones, the Jackpot tool is a key driver of player lifetime value, the crucial element of stable long-term success. The tool's hassle-free integration with the Relum platform also ensures easy management and reporting to stay aware of business performance 24/7. With our zero code Jackpot integration, partners can enjoy the flexibility of this tool with no need to be proficient in programming.

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