iGB Live 2023: A New Chapter for Relum

See you at RAI Amsterdam, Stand Q44!

Events like iGB Live 2023 serve as another sneak peek into the exciting universe of iGaming. Scheduled to take place from 12 to 13 of July at RAI Amsterdam, this participation has been awaited for quite some time at Relum. After all, it's a place to get all industry visionaries and innovators together. We firmly believe that Relum’s participation in iGB Live 2023 will be a celebration of progress, unity, and the relentless pursuit of pure success. The team can't wait to exchange ideas, build new relationships, and explore new opportunities, so come see Relum at Stand Q44.

Relum's Showcase at iGB Live 2023

At iGB Live 2023, Relum is going to present the holistic set of solutions, all designed to supercharge iGaming operations. One of the key features we're delighted to showcase is the Game Aggregation platform. It's a dynamic platform that opens a world of possibilities for operators.

With a single API integration, operators gain access to over 14,000 games from more than 180 providers. It's a comprehensive portfolio meticulously curated to satisfy the diverse tastes of gamers. The user-friendly back office not only simplifies game management but also enables effective tracking of performance and seamless arrangement of promotions. It's a potent blend of convenience and power that equips operators to help their business grow.

There is also an impressive lineup of Promotional Tools that take player engagement and retention to the next level. Relum’s Jackpot, Tournament, and Free Round tools have proven to be real game-changers. The Jackpot tool stimulates players' desire to win big, driving them to wager more. The Tournament tool introduces a competitive edge, encouraging players to place more bets to boost their chances of winning. And the Free Round tool is the perfect lure to keep players in the game, offering free spins that not only enhance the gaming experience but also heighten chances of winning.

Last, but by no means least, Relum’s Reporting Tools pave the way for data-driven decisions. With these tools, operators can assess their financials, evaluate the performance of engagement tools, and manage games with relative ease. It's about offering insights that matter, to steer operations in the right direction.

Opportunities with Relum

By choosing to work with Relum, operators unlock a gateway to advanced iGaming solutions that are both scalable and customizable to suit specific business needs.

What truly makes a partnership with Relum valuable is the blend of innovative technology and exceptional service. The dedicated customer success team is always on hand to assist operators, offering advice on tool selection based on specific objectives, and providing continuous support post-integration. This synergy of technology and human expertise is what allows the company to deliver solutions that not only address immediate needs but also anticipate and plan for future requirements.

When you partner with Relum, you don't just get access to the developed products. You also gain a trusted ally dedicated to your success. Experience and connections within the iGaming industry, combined with commitment to partners’ success, make Relum the ideal partner for any operator looking to grow and prosper.

Relum's participation in iGB Live 2023 is another chance to explore new iGaming horizons and chase tomorrow together. Let's start writing the next chapter of The Story of Pure Success!