Cricket Crash by Onlyplay is Live!

Meet the new crash project from the Onlyplay team.

Meet the new crash project from the Onlyplay team who changes the rules of game development focusing on the player's experience and how it may be improved!

Cricket Crash is the third release of games with classic Crash mechanics improved with special features. The game fuels its scenario with its variability, which conveys the atmosphere of a stadium with a cricket tournament taking place there.

Every detail was designed to create a complete cricket game atmosphere: the cricket field, the ball, and the spectators in the stands cheering for the player. With the game’s bright design and animations, everything is aimed to fascinate every player bringing an exciting crash&cricket experience!

Games features:

· Bonus game. When the ball has passed the portal, the current multiplier of the player increases by the percentage this bonus game brings to the players, visually the % numbers are displayed in the air near the portal. But these portals are not as simple as they seem at first glance. The portal can bring both: bonuses and crashes!

· Jackpot. Cricket Crash has a progressive jackpot available. This jackpot is not associated with other games and is available inside the game. The current value of the jackpot is shown on the game screen. Once the jackpot drops, all winners are notified, and the jackpot resets to its starting value. Cricket Crash is a multiplayer game, so the jackpot win is distributed among all active players!

· Socialization. Players can check their last game results by clicking on the "My Bets" button, as well as the results of other players by clicking on the "Players" button. The Emoji bar allows players to express their emotions by clicking on any smiley faces, which other players will see and may react back.

Cricket Crash is a great new addition to the world of online crash games! Let your players throw the winning ball! Immerse them into the sports world and maintain the spirit of competition!